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The Long Road

What is the Long road?

The theory and charisma of a musician, the dedication and sacrifice it takes to be a doctor? The selflessness it takes to put your life on the line to save others?

What’s your story?


One thought on “The Long Road

  1. Well… figure i should start this off hehe

    My story starts where i have a full time job 8:30-5pm in an office Monday-Friday. I enjoy my job, but i don’t want to do it forever. My aspiration is to become a fully certified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) as well acquire my Commercial Pilot License (CPL) for helicopters & fixed-wing aircraft.

    I’m working on getting another part time job to make up some extra money for school, as well so i have a profession to get me through school. I’m trying to get into bar tending, as i think this would provide an excellent source for income, as well the flexible hours I’ll need to work around my studies.

    I’ll keep you guys posted on my journey.

    Good luck on finding yours!

    J. Furmanczyk

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